Day 156, showing, floor meeting

Last night I watched an episode of the New Zealand based crime show, Brokenwood Mysteries, streamed off Amazon Prime. Times past, I’ve used my Sony Blu-Ray player for this. It has the software to handle streaming video from various sources. However, its interface is really clumsy, as well as slow-responding. So this time I just streamed on the laptop. Now, I could run an HDMI cable from the laptop to the TV, and maybe another time I would. However this time I just reclined in my chair and rested the warm laptop on my tummy. Through the bottom half of my bifocals, the screen is about 25% bigger than my 48-inch TV. And the controls for pause, play, skip forward or backward, toggle subtitles (needed with NZ accents!), are all responsive and intuitive.

So the streaming experience on the laptop is at least as pleasant as that on the big screen. But somehow, leaning back with a laptop on my chest seems more self-indulgent than sitting up, watching exactly the same content, on the TV across the floor.

Tuesday, 5/7/2019

I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep. My mind wanted to fuss about a decision I made Friday. This is about a custom museum tour. I told on Day 151 about how I’d signed up to lead a custom tour of comp. sci. students on this coming Saturday. Then I had tried to contact Katharina, the docent manager, by email and phone, to express a concern about the timing and content. She’d ghosted me. On the Thursday, at Toni’s advice, I’d left a voice mail for the museum staff member who’d booked the tour, Poppy.

Well, Friday evening, after getting no call-back from Poppy, I removed my name from the schedule for that tour. Let them find somebody else. But now, at 4am, I am regretting that decision. My not leading the tour won’t help anything and probably won’t even be noticed by Katherina or Poppy. So at 4:30am I got up, got out the laptop, and re-booked myself for the tour. Now I see that another docent, Kim, has signed up for it as well. That’s appropriate, supposing the scheduled 30 students show up. If as is typical, it’s only half that, it’ll be overkill.

Then I did sleep until 6:40. About 8:30 I walked to the YMCA gym, for the first time in weeks. Back home, I tidied the house for showing at noon. I had been storing boxes containing disassembled, new furniture in the living room. I moved them to the middle room. Then I left and sat the local coffee shop until Chuck texted at 12:40 that they were out. This client is a single mom, an attorney, and she seemed interested. Chuck says she would like to see it again with her daughter and a friend. So that sounds good.

At 4:15 I went to CH for the sixth floor meeting. I’m trying to learn a lot of names. Phil, Jean, Ruth, Marcia, Gwen. Hope a few of those stick. After supper, came home to veg. out.

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