Day 150, documents and delays

Wednesday, 5/1/2019

Started with a run. Then killed time, basically, until noon. Well, I did do the a few remaining change-of-address entries online. After all, it’s only a couple of weeks now to move-in. (Hah! see below!) Then ran out to get the antibiotics that I ordered at the pharmacy back on day 142, and then forgot about.

At 1pm I drove up to San Mateo, an office park just off highway 92 and 101, to meet with my


She was recommended several years ago by the financial advisor to handle routine paperwork, but that time we only corresponded by email and real mail. This time we met so she could notarize everything I needed to sign: a revised family trust, a new durable power of attorney, new living will, and a number of other documents needed to document to the State of California and the County of Santa Clara that I was now the sole trustee owning this property.

She also advised having my tax persons file a form 760 or 706 or something so that I could continue to claim Marian’s half of the estate tax exclusion. I don’t know. I guess.

Also I have a new will, which I need to sign in the presence of two witnesses. Unfortunately she couldn’t procure a second witness from the rent-an-office space, so I had to take the will home and need to get two witnesses together to sign saying they saw me sign it.

Chuck called to say that the forms I gave him are unreadable. Wut? Also, that

Nancy, the divorcee

that he mentioned in passing a few weeks ago, was the person to whom he showed the house yesterday, and she liked it, and did not audibly snicker when he said “three million”. However, her financial situation isn’t clear. The divorce court has ordered that her house — not many blocks from mine, it would appear — must be sold as part of the settlement. However, Chuck thinks she and her ex have inflated ideas of its value, so it may take some time to sell. In the meantime, would I be interested in “carrying back” some part of the purchase price, in the event she wanted to buy now and finish paying when that deal went through. Hmmmmm.

Shortly after I got home, Andrew, Chuck’s son and office manager, dropped off the packet of forms I’d filled out and handed in. Indeed, all my signatures and other marks (checkboxes, explanations) were almost invisible! Immediately I deduced what had happened. I had filled out these complicated forms with my favorite

erasable pen

because I did keep going back and changing stuff. Very, very bad idea. I know that the pen is erased by heat, you rub its hard little eraser nub rapidly and the friction heat makes it disappear. Well, I am guessing that Chuck tossed the envelope of forms on the seat of his car, or a desk by a window, and they got cooked by the sun, bleaching all the marks.

I quickly sat down with the copy I’d made of the forms (my copy is perfectly legible) and re-did all the marks and signatures with a real ballpoint. So that’s ready when Chuck comes by later.

Next thing was an email from

Angela the move-in manager,

with the news that, owing the delays getting cabinetry made and blah blah blah, my new target move-in at Channing House is… June 16th. Shit. I have serious hopes of getting this house sold by then. If necessary, I will move out to a motel. I put a higher priority on selling the house. The moving company I am trying to contact does storage as well. I can have my goods moved out on one day, and moved in many days later, if necessary.

I texted Deborah the estate sale person with this news. And will tell Chuck when he appears. But my message to him is still, full speed ahead.

Here, have a wax plant:



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