Day 149, iPhone, fitness, showing

Tuesday, 4/30/2019

After breakfast I tidied the house, partly because the cleaning lady is coming, and partly because some stranger will be looking at it with Chuck at noon. I left Suli’s check with a note warning her that Chuck would be coming by at noon.

At 10am I had a date with the fitness director at CH, to be given an orientation to the fitness center and sign a waiver so I can have a key to the place, so I can use it. Beforehand I loaded several items in the car destined for my storage cage in the basement: my toolbox that I had out for the Repair Cafe; my old IBM CE toolbag which now contains my cordless drill and an assortment of attachments and bits; a backpack I found in the garage and want to keep.

Oh, and five large plastic bags of cables: USB, HDMI, Cat-5, digital optical, and audio cables. They had been neatly sorted in the Red Chest and I was pretty sure they wouldn’t sell in an estate sale, and would get trashed. I had emailed Craig asking if the Tech Committee at CH had a stock of cables, and he said they did, in “the tenth floor computer room”. I must check that place out.

Anyway, parked in the underground garage (for the second time) and schlepped all that stuff to the storage unit in two trips. There is an amazing long winding path from the new underground garage, down a short flight of stairs, through four doors (one which has a camera and has to be opened by the desk person) and around several corners, to reach the Resident Storage Area in the basement of the older building. Well, that’s conveniently close to the Fitness Center, so fine.

I was disappointed in the Fitness Center. It has a rather thin assortment of machines. In particular the two pieces of apparatus I like to use at the YMCA are not there. I had expected I could drop my YMCA membership, but now I’m wondering.

My iPhone battery has been a concern for some time. It’s showing that annoying trait of failing batteries, making a sudden, unpredictable drop in power. It was fully charged at 10pm last night, and was only 15% at 6am. OK. So from CH I went to the iPhone fixer guy I’ve used before on El Camino near California. He could do it by 1pm. Good. I left it and walked to California avenue and found some lunch.

After lunch I went to pick up the phone with its new battery, and got a reminder of just how deeply that little device works its way into your life. I’m walking along and realize, Oh No, I’m making all these steps and they aren’t being recorded in the Health App! I won’t get credit for this walking.

Phone comfortably back in pocket, I went off for another deferred errand. It’s already past the time of year when I (we) have traditionally changed over from a feather duvet, to a blanket and a knitted bedspread. The duvet cover has needed laundering but I’ve been putting the change-over off, because we had only one blanket, and I had long disliked it, and that blanket was one of the first things I discarded as part of the cleanup right after Marian’s death. (I see I didn’t mention it, but it went in the trash early on.)

So today I drove down to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought a simple queen-size beige blanket. Back to the house. Suli was just finishing up, she said Chuck and someone (she didn’t describe who or how many) had come and gone. I made up the bed with clean sheets, a blanket, and our colorful crocheted bedspread. That makes it properly summer.

I spent an hour continuing the project of printing pictures and putting them in frames. Here’s the one I worked on today:

Rose with morning light
Rose with morning light

I’m really pleased that I’ve got my cheap little Epson printer tuned so that it produces very nearly that depth of color, when printing at best quality on good paper. The rose really jumps out of the frame. I am not quite sure how I’ll make use of these at CH but most other residents have art on their walls and I will also.

I drove to CH to eat supper and check out two things. First, my apartment. It still pleases me to walk into it; it is just a pleasant, welcoming space. However, it doesn’t have what I was hoping for, a place to hang the two wax plants that are thriving in hanging pots, one in the kitchen and one in the living room. They are just coming into bloom, tiny star-shaped white flowers with little translucent amethyst gems in the center. Really. I’ll post a picture soon. Anyway, how to keep them over there? I need some kind of plant hanger. I think I’ve seen such things, but…

The other thing was to check the tenth floor computer room. Yes, the tech committee has a stock of cables, a few, on a couple of shallow shelves. I guess my collection will stay in the basement for now. But there was a sign up that gave me a chuckle:



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