Day 109, Shustek, sound bar, play

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Drove to Shustek center in Milpitas (or I guess it’s officially in Fremont) to work on cataloging. One of the paid staff there was having a birthday so at 10:30 everyone, staff and volunteers, had cake and goodies. I’ve been trying to eat low-carb; boy, blew it today with doughnut and a piece of cake. Did photography with Bud; took 40 pictures in all of 29 objects. Out of work to do, so left early at 3:30.

Took advantage of the extra time to stop at a TV place, Video Only, to continue shopping for a sound bar. (I began that search at Best Buy on day 91.5.) Unlike Best Buy, Video Only has all their sound bars hooked up so you can try them easily, and a helpful, informative, and not-pushy sales dude to assist. I zeroed in on a $99 special, a Yamaha that sounded OK and was on sale. Done. The box is unopened for now. My Google Calendar for today, tomorrow, and Saturday is bizarre. Maybe Monday I’ll have the open time to tear into the wiring of the sound system and try it out.

Noticed the three hummingbird feeders are low, so after I fed myself I brought them in and refilled them. This is not a simple job because the sugar water, as it hangs outside for a week, tends to grow a nasty mold. You have to clean all the parts carefully with hot water and soap.

It takes one cup of sugar, diluted to 4 cups of liquid, to fill the three feeders. Looking at the sugar canister, I judge there is about enough left to refill them twice more. Then that will be it. When the sugar runs out, the feeders, whose plastic parts are rather perished and brittled from years in the sun, will go in the trash. By then there will be plenty of natural blossoms and the little buzzers can make it on their own. Actually, after I’m established at C.H. I might just buy a new feeder for my deck. But that will be later.

Chuck sent along the termite inspector’s report. It isn’t horribly bad, although he did find isolated spots with evidence of both subterranean and dry termites, and recommends doing a fumigation. To my surprise, if I’m reading the report correctly, the estimate for tenting the house is only $1800. That seems terribly low for something that involves a crew of several workmen and a bunch of equipment over two days. Still, the report in all is not the death-blow to an occupier sale I thought it would be.

Shortly now I will head out to see a play. Report on that tomorrow, along with lots of other happenings.

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