Day 108, a room of one’s own

Wednesday, 3/20/2019

Morning rain precluded a run, so I drove to the Y, did 20 minutes on a treadmill and some exercises. Back home I fixed a problem with

my iPhone!

For weeks it has bugged me that the “lightning” plug doesn’t want to stay in the phone. I use a lightning-to-USB connection to listen to podcasts while driving, and a lightning-to-audio “dongle” to connect my earbuds to listen while exercising. And the damn little spade connector wouldn’t stay in. I supposed that I would have to get it repaired at one of the independent shops, or maybe I would have to trade the phone in at the T-Mobile store, such a pain.

But on a whim I picked up the computer and googled “iPhone lightning won’t stay in” and of course, the internet knows all about this and the second or third link was how to fix it. With a toothpick! It turns out that the little rectangular hole in the bottom edge of the phone likes to pick up pocket lint. And each time you cram the connector in to charge the phone, it just tamps the lint down to the bottom. Gradually you build up a springy little pad of fluff at the bottom of the hole. Two minutes carefully probing with a wooden toothpick popped out little wads of lint. A shot of canned air, and boom! The plug stays in!

So in a good mood I set off for Channing House where — not to bury the lede — I was

offered a unit!

Not just a unit, but a very attractive, corner unit that just glows with sunlight. I walked in and said, “oh, wow.” Here is a pair of snapshots to show the impression on walking in.

Well, ok, beige room. But lots of light. The outside deck extends across both rooms, and can be accessed from both. And it is about 6 doors down from Craig, the ex-IBMer who first showed me around C.H. back on Day 50!

When talking about the cost of entering C.H. I had been talking about the fee for a large studio on a lower floor, which is what I had been shown at first, and was all I thought was available. This is a large 1BR on a higher floor, so the entry fee (and the monthly rent) is about 20% higher. I don’t think I’ll put the amount here. But I can afford it, and this is a really nice room, I think. I can make a life here.

There are a couple of drawbacks to it. One minor one is that I’ve put in a couple of hours moving bits of furniture-shaped paper around the floor plan for that large studio. That time, and the uncounted minutes of imagining life in that space, are out the window. All to be done again.

The one real drawback is the rolling renovation at C.H. Right now they are moving people back to the 8th floor and off the 7th. Around the end of August, they will finish with the 7th floor. They will move the 7th floor back and at that point, probably September, they will evacuate the 6th floor, and I’ll be moved to another unit. Sometime around a year from now, they will be moving the 6th floor back and the 5th, out.

Among the changes in the renovation are that they place all the HVAC in the ceilings. Notice the heating unit to the right in the picture? That disappears, as does a similar one in the bedroom.  Right now some of the electrical wiring is in visible channels around the top of the walls; that also disappears.

Well, this was a surprise, I expected to be told it could be weeks or months. But it appears that, pending a couple of more bureaucratic steps, I could be signing for this unit in a couple of weeks. Which means that probably early next month I can begin moving stuff I mean to keep out of the house directly to there; and hopefully turn the house over to Chuck and Amy to “stage” and sell in April; hopefully to close in May.

From there I went directly to my haircut appointment with Chris. I told her about all this, and how I really feel I

need a designer

to help me choose which furniture items to bring from home, and what to buy to complete this much larger space and how to arrange it all. Chris said, heck, my niece is a good designer, let me put you in touch with her. So that contact may turn into something.

From there I went to spend 3 hours sorting books at FOPAL; and then home to write emails to the tax person, to the financial advisers, and to the realtor. And then to do this blog. Hmph. Such a day.



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