Day 104, two tours

Edit: I forgot to mention that last night, I went to a TheatreWorks production, Marie and Rosetta, about the life of Gospel and Rhythm and Blues singer Sister Rosetta Tharp. Very nice production, good music, and a terrific performance by a knockout young actress, Marissa Rudd. She could be a star in time.

Saturday, 3/16/2019

I had signed up to lead one tour at the Museum at 2pm. Yesterday Katherina, the volunteer manager, put out an urgent call for somebody to lead a private tour at 12:30. I like private tours and I was going to be there anyway, so I took it. So after a lazy morning I headed out for the museum. The private tour turned out to be a family group, mom, dad, several nice kids from 10 to 16, roughly. Apparently they’d come early, early enough to catch the 1401 demo at 11:00, which they had enjoyed a lot. They professed to enjoy my tour, also.

After finishing that tour I walked out across the parking lot to the 7-11 to get something for lunch. Several people in our lot were complaining; apparently thieves had broken the windows in three or four cars. My car was fine, but it is unsettling to have this happen in a familiar place. After a snack I led the 2pm tour, about 15 people.

On the way home I stopped at the FOPAL building, mostly to pick up a couple of empty boxes to bring back full. But I went in and looked at the Computer section. There were about five boxes of sorted books. I think I may go in there on Tuesday afternoon and do some culling and pricing.

At home I had an email from Kathy at the tax accountant’s, asking if I had sent in the workbook yet. I was going to wait until I’d talked to the advisor Tuesday, but this tipped me over, and I went and clicked “send to preparer”. Answered Kathy’s email asking that she check it soon as I wasn’t sure I’d done it right.

Not sure if I mentioned this before: with Marian’s demise, there are three important documents that need to be re-made: my “advanced health care directive”, “nomination of conservator”, and “general durable power of attorney”. All of these named Marian as the person responsible for me if I am incapacitated. In all three, my nephew Dennis was first alternate. Now I need to do these documents over. I had emailed Dennis asking if he would be the first in line, and today he responded he’d be “honored”, so that’s set.

I also called Marian’s cousin Darlene, who I like a lot and has been very supportive, and asked if she’d mind being the first alternate and she said “absolutely”. So that’s set, and hopefully I can get those drafted and done next Tuesday.


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