Day 73, waiting for Godot

Monday, 2/11/2019

As I expected, when I checked at 8am, the FedEx tracking for my new laptop said “end of the day Monday”. So I need to be home, ready to sign the package, until the white truck arrives. At 8am, the package was “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” out of Newark, just across the Bay. So it might arrive any minute, or 9 or 10 — right? Ergo, I couldn’t go for a run at my usual 9am, because sure as eggs is eggs, once I am out of sight of my front door, the truck will come.

I put a bright yellow post-it on the door-post with an arrow pointing to the doorbell button, and the text “I am home!”. Then I began filling time doing things I had mentally scheduled for later, Tuesday or Wednesday. I patched together some beat-up cardboard boxes I had picked up at FOPAL so I could bring three boxes down there on Wednesday. I filled the boxes with books.

Painting etc.

I took down the big painting of Yosemite, took it outside and posed it in good, but indirect, light, and took a good picture of it. I also took a picture of one of the tchotchkes I had inventoried back on Day 32. The reason for these photos is that I have decided to attend an Appraisal Event at a local auction house . One can bring up to 5 objects or pictures, and they will give an opinion on the likely auction yield.

I see I mentioned on Day 68 that, after two fine-art galleries had stiffed me on a consignment sale of the painting of Yosemite valley, I had resolved to contact the artist himself. But I see I did not mention the result: Dean Linsky replied very promptly but not with good news. He agreed that galleries are always reluctant to deal in consignment sales, but he couldn’t offer any help with that. He recommended I look at auction sales, even eBay, provided I set a good reserve price. That set me looking for local fine-art auction houses, and found the one linked above, in Alameda, with the offer of free appraisals.

I need to get those pics into Photoshop, then print them. But that would be in the office at the back of the house and I want to stay in the front so I can spot the FedEx truck. (Not trusting them to actually push the doorbell button even though I flagged it.) So now I got out slide boxes and reviewed about 10 groups of slides, capturing another dozen socko images for scanning. Then I listened to some podcasts, and ate lunch. Then I took a nap.


About 3pm I decided that when the new laptop arrives, its system name on the network is going to be Godot, because I have done nothing but wait for it. It is now 4pm, and I am still waiting.

Oh geez

At 4:30 the FedEx truck rolled up, I signed, I happily opened the nice box and found… not a Macbook Pro, but a Macbook Air. I already own two Airs, the one Marian wore out and the one we bought to replace it. I had fully intended to order a refurbished 2016 Macbook Pro, but apparently after having a dozen of them open in different browser tabs, I finally clicked on and bought… an Air.

I seriously wonder about myself. Am I losing it? Anyway, messaged the seller, who is a dealer with dozens of refurbs for sale, asking if I can exchange it. Gosh I feel pretty bad.

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