Day 72, game and crafty stuff

Sunday, 2/10/2019

Sunday breakfast at the PA Cafe as usual. Home to plan out a craft project. At the museum the Education group has their own collection of artifacts. Items in the “real” collection are handled sparingly, with gloves, then packed away in archival-quality materials never to be touched again unless brought out for someone doing research. Items in the EDU collection are kept on shelves in a closet and are available to be handled (pawed, mauled) by school kids during various classes. I know about this because sometimes I help another volunteer who’s been building a catalog of the EDU collection.

Two weeks ago we cataloged a couple of real core planes, which are insanely delicate. I recalled that in the 1401 lab, they hand around a core plane during their demo, but it has been sandwiched in clear plastic — a good idea, given how easy it would be to poke a finger right through it. Toni and I thought it would be a good idea to put plastic on these also. We drew a plan for the pieces. She went to TAP Plastics last week and had the pieces cut. I picked them up when I was at the Museum Saturday and today was the day to assemble them.

I started with a trip to ACE Hardware to get the needed bolts nuts washers. Then it turned out that TAP had misread my drawing, or something, and some holes didn’t line up and two pieces were too long. Fortunately I still have tools. I used a carpenter’s square, two C-clamps, a box cutter, and my nifty little Bosch drill that Marian gave me Christmas 2017. (This helped clarify how much of my tool collection I should retain in The Transition. Quite a bit of it.) By the time I had the plastic pieces cut and drilled it was time for


On Saturday I was so into getting down my thoughts about photography and slides that I forgot to report the result of the Friday night game, which against OSU. It started badly when the Beavers were ahead by 6 after 1 minute. Then Stanford’s defense woke up and they shut OSU down. After five minutes the game was never in doubt and Stanford won by 25.

Today was not so much fun. The Oregon Ducks are ranked #3 in the country — Stanford is #11 but likely to go down after today — and they played like it. Oregon dominated at both ends of the floor, were up by 24 at the half, and finished up by 35.

After the game I made one more stop at the hardware store and then did

more crafty stuff

producing two nicely encased core planes. Here’s one.


This is a 1960-era plane, perhaps from a 1401 or some other IBM machine of the very early 60s. The other plane has amazingly tiny “donuts”, a quarter the size of these, and probably comes from a minicomputer of the late 60s. Anyway, no grubby-fingered student is going to be poking at this one, but they can still see the toroids and the wiring.

I made a bit of supper and sat down to watch TV.


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