Day 7, and some musing

Saturday 12/8/18

Awoke at 7am, the latest I’ve slept so far, and the first time I’ve had eight hours’ sleep. That’s good. Weighed myself; 177.6, which means I’ve lost a couple of pounds this week. I remember two weeks ago telling Marian I was down to 180 for the first time in a long time. And when I saw them  Sunday night Dennis and Toni commented I seemed to have lost weight. Stress, the weight reduction plan for widowers.

After a leisurely start, spent an hour doing more reconditioning of sofa cushions. Then went out to shop for groceries. This was a little eerie because although I was at the same store that I’ve used a hundred times before, I wasn’t there for the same things. All I wanted was a little fruit, some pickles, and some zero-cal sodas. The shopping wasn’t preceded by a planning session with Marian, deciding what we’d cook for the coming week. This was one more instance of what I wrote about a few days ago, that every familiar action now is stripped of its former context. Like a play being performed on a bare stage, with the set and props whisked away.

These ordinary actions will continue to feel eerie and misplaced until, I suppose, I have done them sufficiently in the new, solo bachelor context to make them familiar again. It reminds me of when we quit smoking, cold turkey, after having been heavy smokers for decades. The cravings would come as you did some familiar action that had been linked with smoking: have a cup of coffee, want a cigarette; finish a chore, want a cigarette; etc. The cravings didn’t go away until you had done each trigger action enough times without the cigarette to make them familiar.

Another musing occurred to me while I was zoned out in the chair at the blood center yesterday: that we constantly validated each other. I’d come in from a run, she’d say “how was the run?” and I’d say “good” and she’d say “excellent.” She’d finish updating the bills and I’d say, “good work.” “I started the laundry.” “Good!” “I changed the bed.” “Good for you, thanks.” Any little thing accomplished or achieved by one, the other would administer a little validation pat.

Well, that’s over. Got to be self-validating now.

Went down to sister-in-law Jean’s place to set her up with Marian’s iPhone. She trained touch-id for her finger and we tried out the timer, the maps, the camera, and the Lyft app. She’s fairly computer-savvy and will probably pick it up.

Now I have an afternoon and evening to fill with no social engagement. Wonder what I’ll do? Think I’ll start with a nap.

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