4.149 shipyard

Saturday 04/29/2023

Today was the day I drove a carpool of four, sister-in-law Jean, plus Martha and Gwen from Channing House, to the Shipyard Artists Open House. I’ve done this alone twice before, so didn’t take any pictures. No, wait, I did take one.

The sign over the pipe says, “Ceci est une pipe”. That’s pretty funny, actually (tedious expanation below)

We walked around on our four separate orbits for a couple of hours. The open studios are spread over five of the old frame office (? or barracks?) buildings on the one-time Naval Shipyard at Hunter’s Point. Had a not very good lunch from some vendors.

That was about it for the day.

OK, forgive me if you know all about this. Surreal painter René Magritte once painted a realistic picture of a wooden smoking pipe, with the caption “Ceci n’est pas une pipe,” French for “This is not a pipe”. It was a way of warning the viewer to not mistake image for reality. So here in the studio of an artist who clearly favors the surreal style, there is an actual copper plumbing pipe coming out of the wall and going into the floor, and they’ve labeled it “This is a pipe” as a reply to Magritte.

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