4.126 shustek, and catching up on pics


Off to the Shustek center in Milpitas for another day of archiving Sandy Fraser’s papers like I did 3 weeks ago (see 4.105). I worked through boxes 9 to 13 (of 49).

Here’s something I found interesting. Jon Bentley, a famous computer scientist (I used to own a couple books of his), was working at Bell Labs apparently, when Fraser was managing it. And he has made a copy of a couple pages of a book by Dijkstra, another famous computer scientist, because it had a mention of Sandy Fraser. So here’s a personal note from Bently to his boss, in 1983.

OK, moving on. Yesterday I did some work on the stingray, putting metal foil on some interior bits. This morning I was tidying the apartment and I noticed the morning sun was shining on my bits of model, so I took a picture..

Also early this week the County of Santa Clara announced new Covid rules including a change that meant, for the first time in three years, our staff at Channing House no longer have to wear masks. To celebrate, Rhonda and others set up a very fancy “ceremonial burning of the masks” display in the lobby. They made up poster boards with pictures from the last three years of Covid restrictions. Remember 2020? When everyone was eating in our rooms, and resident volunteers were delivering the meals?

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