4.122 tech, docent

Sunday 04/02/2023

At 10 I met with Susan in the auditorium. She has made a powerpoint for her book took (next month) and was unsure how it would look projected on the big screen. I demonstrated how easy it was to share her laptop’s screen onto the projected screen using Zoom Room. Which is fine for auditorium-only, as book talks are.

At 1:30 I drove down to the museum to lead a private tour, 7 guys from SAP. Also Scott joined me to observe. The tour went OK, but I think I need to do better at “reading the room” i.e. judging what a small group like this one wants, and adjusting on the fly. My canned patter is ok for large miscellaneous groups but I think I bored these guys with some of the more obvious stuff.

Worked on the model a bit, and read some cheap science fiction. So life goes.

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