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Saturday 03/04/2023

In the morning I painted a few 427 engine parts. Then at 11 I went off to the Museum to lead the noon tour. About 25 people, nice mix of ages, it went well.

Chilling in the afternoon, I got an email from Gigi. Her talk on Monday, by her choice, is not going to be zoomed. But somebody who can’t come asked her if it would be recorded and put up on the Channing House Vimeo channel with our other events. Well — no, because we make the recordings as a feature of the zoom event. However I have said in the past that we could record events without zoom. But can I really?

I grab the laptop and a handful of adapters of various kinds and head down to the auditorium. Patch the ceiling camera into one USB port. Patch the audio from the PA system into another USB port. Quicktime Player, File > New Video Recording. Choose the external camera and external mic. Adjust audio levels. Aha. Yes, there is the stage, I can frame the big screen so her pictures will be visible, I can pan left to get her in the picture when she is just talking. Voice in a microphone comes through clear. Yeah. I can do this.

Oh I should note: the SWBB team continued to disappoint me, by losing yesterday to UCLA in the PAC-12 tournament semifinals. I feel better about not going to Seattle to see them in the NCAAs. I’m pretty sure they will lose there.

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