4.084 taxes, field trip

Thursday 02/23/2023

Did the gym round in the morning, then as usual tidied the apartment in prep for housekeeping day.

Then did an hours worth of stuff toward the taxes. Should be able to have it all done by the end of the month, except I am still pending receipt of “realized gains and losses” reports from 3 of the five Schwab accounts.

At 11:45 I went down to board the bus for a field trip, this one to the Academy of Arts Auto Museum, on Van Ness Ave., coincidentally just a few blocks from where in 1962, I worked as a general flunky at the Cadillac dealership. I had never heard of the Academy of Arts, even though they claim to have been founded in 1929. So I didn’t know that they teach Industrial Design, and the auto collection, which started as a private collection and was then gifted to the Academy, is maintained by that department.

It’s housed in a nice building that, back when I was working at Cadillac, was the local Plymouth dealership, and like all those early dealerships, very grand with tile floors and classic columns. There were 40 vehicles on display out of what was said to be a total collection of over 150. Some grand rich-people cars from the 20s, some more contemporary like the Tucker (third ever made out of a total of 50), and a 63 Sting Ray, and so on. It was a pleasant outing. I took some pictures and will throw a few in here now.

The gang gets intro from docent.
Not a standard color for a Mercedes: this one was owned by Jennie Craig (of diet fame) who had it repainted a more feminine color.
Deusenberg pipes
Engine bay of a Packard 12.

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