4.078 sock hop

Friday 02/17/2023

Went for a walk, but felt low in spirit and energy and cut it short (and yet, 3.8 miles for the day, how did I do that?).

The big event today was the sock hop, which a large committee has been planning for weeks. My part in it was to prepare a video with all the selected songs, some with live video (Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show for example), some just music with lyrics so people could sing along. I had that done a couple weeks ago.

And on the day, I acted as “vee-jay” running the audio board and starting and stopping the video as three different people acted as announcers to introduce each number. The rest of the committee worked amazing wonders in decorating, in preparing an array of snacks, and in performing some of the numbers. I spent much of the afternoon and all the evening in and out of the auditorium.

To do all this I had to miss a SWBB game, against USC to whom they had lost a few weeks ago. So right after the event was over and I had put all the equipment away, I watched the game on the DVR. Stanford squeaked out a win by 5.

Here are pictures from the sock hop. It was a very successful social event. My neighbor Jerry performs “Unchained Melody” — and not too badly, either.

A fair number of people actually got up and danced.

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