4.076 tech, meetings, event

Wednesday 02/15/2022

Went for the standard walk in the morning, in the new walking shoes, and it all felt fine.

At 10 I had a tech squad appointment with a resident, Joan, to deal with a couple of tech issues. The issues turned out to be minor. One was, she could get Zoom on her iPad but not on her MacBook. Turned out, nobody had ever installed the Zoom app on the MacBook. So I did that.

At 1pm was the monthly Zoom meeting of the FOPAL volunteers. The sale weekend just past netted over $14,000, a good haul.

At 3pm I met with the rest of the Sock Hop event committee to go over preparations for the event which is this Friday thank goodness. There were four people scheduled to perform as singers. One of them had a minor stroke last week and is recovering in the skilled nursing wing.

Today the husband of another let me know that he had tested positive for Covid. I saw him Monday when he was suffering from what he thought was a cold, and he had asked to not do an event that he was scheduled to run. Today he tested positive, and will be in isolation for a week. Well, I asked, what about Karen? He wasn’t sure. So we don’t know if we are down two singers or just one.

At 6 I went down to run the event that David M. couldn’t owing to illness. I had Kass as an apprentice. She really wants to learn to do this stuff, which is great. The event came off with only one minor hitch, when I forgot that I had muted a microphone. When we tried to use that mic for someone to ask a question from the audience, they couldn’t be heard. Turn it on. It IS ON. Oh crap, sorry… I un-mute it. Well if that’s the worst issue we have…

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