4.068 feet, shoes

Tuesday 02/07/2023

First thing to do this morning was an appointment with a podiatrist at PAMF. Both my big toes have “bunions” which just means the first joint wants to angle inward. The left foot is worse, and has been slowly getting more so over the last couple of years. So I thought I’d get a consult.

Podiatrist was not a lot of help. Certainly as far as surgery goes, not indicated now or soon. Only consider that when you have real symptoms, serious pain, or can’t walk for exercise. That’s not my situation now. His best advice was to get better shoes for walking than my Mephisto loafers. He recommended a brand and model, and suggested getting an additional liner for more arch support to prop up my very flat feet.

So from PAMF I walked back down University Ave to Footwear Etc. and bought just what he’d recommended and walked home in them.

Later I was thinking about model cars, and remembered I have some kits I haven’t built. Looked in the closet and what do you know. I had at some point bought a 67 Corvette kit. Not the 63 Corvette split-window, but still. I took the sealed box over to my desk and looked at the pile of tax-related papers there. OK, I promised myself, when you finish doing your taxes, you can start on this kit. Set the still-sealed box on the back of the desk as a reminder.

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