4.059 rehearsal, swbb

The play, The Play That Goes Wrong, was pretty funny. It’s about a very amateurish local theater production of a stereotypical British murder mystery, in which every possible thing goes wrong, and the players keep a stiff upper lip and carry on regardless. I can recommend it for a light evening of entertainment.

Sunday 01/29/2023

Stew had scheduled a short rehearsal for the performers for the sock hop for 9:30am. Prior to that, I needed to finish the hour-long video with the 23 songs on the program. What I needed to do was to add chapter markers to the video. iMovie does not do chapter markers.

I learned of a well-regarded app that does this, and when I tried to buy it from my iMac, the App Store would not let me, it required the latest MacOS. Which my iMac can’t run. It’s from 2015, getting senile, can’t be upgraded. So I bought the video app for my very up to date laptop. So I would have time after finishing my coffee and the paper, and 9:30, to do this.

But I needed to export the final version of the video, which takes half an hour at least. So I started that at 11pm and left it to run as I turned in. During the night the video rendered into the dropbox and propogated to the laptop, all 4.3GB of it.

In the morning I had my Sunday paper and coffee, and dressed and watered the plants, and then sat down to add chapter markers to the video. That went smoothly. The chapter markers made it easy, during the rehearsal, to jump back to the beginning of a song, or scoot forward over 4 or 5 numbers to the exact start of another.

With that out of the way, I killed time until 11:30 when I picked up Lennie (the other car pool members were either walking or biking to the game, or going instead to the ballet in San Franscisco) and off to SWBB. The Cardinal continues to play below their abilities. Are they over-rated at #3? They did not crush the Ducks, but they did lead the whole game and won by 8.

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