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Wednesday 01/18/2023

Went for the standard walk. Stopped on the way back to pick up prescriptions at CVS. Somehow in the changeover of insurance they have revived an old prescription for Metoprolol. I now have 4 full bottles of this med. I went online and I hope shut that prescription down.

My main job today was to assemble the video for Stew’s Sock Hop. Stew in planning this for 2/17, and planning has been going on among about 8 people for weeks. They finally settled on a final-final list of 50s tunes, and which were to have sing-along lyrics. Jerry did a great job of finding all the required videos and getting them all formatted to the same size and quality.

Today I put them all together into a 1-hour video, adding lyrics where required. Took about three hours of work.

There was supposed to be a FOPAL monthly zoom conference at 1pm. I forgot about it and napped right through. Later I found that they had zoom problems and canceled. So I didn’t miss anything.

I also forgot I had promised to set up a microphone for announcements at the bi-monthly birthday dinner. Barbara called me at 4:45 to remind me, bless her. So I went and did that.

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