4.034 lazy day

Wednesday 01/04/2023

Boring day. It threatening to rain in the morning, and then did rain from noon on, so I never went for a walk. I went out in the car to Safeway for snacks and hummingbird sugar. Also went to CVS where I presented the UHC/IBM health care ID card and the clerk fixed up my drug coverage in about 2 minutes. So I almost have that change-over complete. Yesterday I uploaded pictures of the card to PAMF (Sutter Health that is). The status of that 24 hours later is “coverage pending review”.

I took down and put away the last of the London Bridge photos from my picture rails. What to put up instead. I looked through the pile of prints that I had shown previous, and picked out all the ones of fruits and veggies in farmers markets and put them up instead.

The TV news people are orgasming over the promise of heavy rain and high winds. Well, it did look pretty exciting on the weather map about 4pm. Channing House parked their elevators on the 1st floor, fearing power outages.

But it came and passed. It was a rainstorm. meh. Supposed to be possible thunderstorms around midnight; we’ll see.

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