4.032 tech, swbb, fopal

Monday 01/02/2023

First job today was to set up a Book Talk event, for auditorium and zoom. I can’t believe I didn’t mention how on Friday I discovered that a little iPad-like controller had been removed from the auditorium. That made it impossible to use the Zoom Room PC there to operate our events. I had emailed our IT staff but being a holiday weekend they didn’t get back to me.

This meant that today’s event would have to be zoomed the old-fashioned way, running the camera and audio in and out of a personal laptop. Thing was, the event was at 11 and I wanted to leave for the basketball game at 10:45. Ian came to my rescue, saying he could run it if I could get it set up.

Which we did, starting at 9. By 10:15 the zoom session was running nicely and all seemed in order so off I went. Later Ian described some problems people had reported by they really seemed flukey and nothing to do with our setup.

The game was versus Arizona, expected to be a bigger challenge than the game two days ago, and so it seemed at first when Stanford committed a turn-over on each of its first three possessions, so was down 0-6 after 2 minutes. But they pulled themselves together and had a 15-point lead by the half, and eventually won by 20.

Back home by 1:30 I went on down to FOPAL and cleaned up my section. Had a nap and then had dinner with Patty and the Goldens.

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