4.030 lunch, tech, flood, swbb

Saturday 12/31/2022

I was invited for lunch with Kent and Marcia. Afterward, I met with Stew and Mary in the auditorium. They wanted to try out karaoke-style singing along to 50s tunes, to see if it would work for the Sock Hop in February.

There was fairly heavy rain all day, and around 11 we got an official warning from the City about possible flooding. Apparently San Francisquito creek had overflowed near Chaucer street. At 3pm I went out for a little walk around the neighborhood. Some gutters were running level with curbs and there was water over the sidewalk in a couple of places. Tomorrow morning I will go out and take a look at the creek.

At 5 it was time to leave for the 6pm SWBB game. This was the first PAC12 game of the season, against Arizona. We play Arizona State on Monday at 11. Whoever planned the schedule is cruel, making the UA and ASU players spend the New Year’s weekend away from home.

In any case, Stanford commanded the game from the start, and won by 30, 101-69.

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