4.018 meetings, fopal

Monday 12/19/2022

Went for a walk — the full benchmark walk — for the first time in more than a week. It was fine.

At 10:30 joined the Event Coordinators meeting planning the January calendar. A number of things were on the draft calendar for which I have never seen EPF (event planning forms). I protested and explained why they were important.

Then off to FOPAL where there were just a couple of boxes of computer books. I spent an hour doing sorting just for fun.

At 4pm it was time for Rhonda’s open meeting, on zoom again just like back in 2021, because we are not having face to face meetings right now. She described what the staff had to go through when in a single weekend, they identified 25 positive Covid cases in the independent living tower. Fortunately no cases in the Lee center; but with 4 staff members also testing positive, and others away on scheduled holiday breaks, things are stretched very thin. Housekeeping people are being asked once again to be “Covid Heroes” and fill in as nurse’s aides, like in 2020-21.

There was also a lengthy and detailed presentation about online scams, in all their various forms. The staff has been assisting people being scammed rather often, it seems.

My neighbor Linda across the hall, a very smart and with-it person, was taken in by a pop-up message on her screen, something is wrong with your computer, it has been hacked, call this number to talk to Apple support. She fell for it, and later had to go around replacing credit cards and talking to her bank, etc.

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