3.332 fritter, swbb

Wednesday 11/09/2022

Went for a walk. When I got back it was time to put on my red shirt and go lead a docent tour. I had agreed to do this on Monday, when they had asked for someone to lead a tour on short notice, 10 people from Robotics at Google. I was looking forward to this, and indeed during my walk I was working out extra things to point out to people who would probably appreciate mechanical engineering as well as comp.sci.

So of course I find waiting an email, sent just a little before, telling me the Google group had canceled at the last minute. Well, phooey. Suddenly I had the middle of the day back, so of course I wasted it frittering around with software and shit.

At 4:45 we had our monthly floor meeting. And at 5:05 I and Patty and Eva had to leave to meet with David G. and Martha to car-pool to a SWBB game. Eva had never been to one of these. She seemed to enjoy it. The opponent was CSUN, CSU Northridge. They were pretty competent but not in Stanford’s class and the final was 100-40.

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