3.325 laundry, event, SWBB

Wednesday 11/02/2022

Went for a walk, the first in several days. Did my laundry.

At 2pm I went down to the auditorium and made sure I was ready to record video of the Appreciation Fund Kickoff. This was an elaborately planned event. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

The tables were decorated with fake bills and coins. There was plenty of wine and some really nice snacks from the kitchen (deviled eggs, cheese-stuffed little peppers, shown). There was a sing-along to familiar songs with new lyrics extolling the labors of the staff. Lots of labor and skill went into making it a fun event.

Afterward I had less than an hour until it was time to put on my red Stanford sweatshirt and my red fedora hat and head off to the first game of the SWBB season. I rode with Patty and Martha in Patty’s car. Every year Vanguard U. a small Christian school in Costa Mesa, comes to us for an exhibition game. Offers themselves as sacrificial lambs more like. The final score was 100-20. All 15 on the Stanford roster played, and 14 of them scored.

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