3.293 more music

Saturday 10/01/2022

Pretty much music all day. The first stop was the Eagle Inn, an historic building in fancy Victorian carpentry style that has recently been restored.

This band played standards and was ok but not great. On to the old art museum for Groovus, which was another version of Coots and Holland but with a bass player and a singer. Fun. Someone sitting next to us at the Eagle tipped us that there was a pizza by the slice place next to the Eureka Theater, which was next to the art museum. So we popped out for a slice of very good thin-crust pizza for lunch.

Back to the art museum for Then in the same venue for Katy Cavera and the Lost Boys, which turned out to be a pick-up band of Kata Cavera, a very personable guitar and banjo player, and most of the people from Clint Baker’s Jazz Band of yesterday. Anyway, good music.

While at the art museum I looked again at those ink-on-canvas drawings and picked one I could really enjoy owning, and emailed the artist about it. No reply yet.

At this point my butt was sore from sitting through three hour-long concerts so I suggested we go back to the hotel for a break. We met again at 4:30 and caught the shuttle back to the Eureka Theater for two more shows, a blues band and Tom Rigney with special guest, famous cajun fiddler player Michael Doucet. This was a good wrap-up to the whole thing.

Back to the hotel and then around the corner to the local restaurant for a late supper.

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