3.288 tech, fopal, managing

Monday 09/26/2022

Went for the walk in the morning. Afterward, followed up on tech squad call to help my newest neighbor, Lil, who moved in down the hall from me last week. She was having some trouble using her house phone. I pretty much straightened her out I think.

Then down to FOPAL to process 8 boxes of computer books. Five boxes of rejects to the bargain room, the rest went on the shelves. It took 2:20.

In the afternoon I had an email from Caroline, a staff member, asking if the AV team could support a memorial on the 11th floor, and the family wanted a zoom simulcast for remote family members. I told her I’d get back. We have never done this. We do zoom simulcasts from the auditorium. It would be pretty similar on 11, but with different equipment. I am very wary of over-burdening my volunteers. So I sent an email querying the team’s opinions. That took a while to compose.

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