3.284 hero docent, dmca

Thursday 09/22/2022

This started as an uncommitted day, but I was bored. So I checkedandsure enough, nobody had signed up to do museum tours today. So I signed up for the noon tour. I printed one bridge picture. Then changed to my docent shirt and went to the museum. I ran the noon tour. Then I decided to be a hero and also ran the 2pm tour. Got home about 3:30.

At 5, I met with Nancy because she had a musician she has booked, who wanted to see the auditorium. That was about it for the day.

Well, not quite. Back about 2005 I set up a website, tassos-oak.com, to showcase my wonderful writing. About 2012 I decided to let it go and allowed the domain registration to lapse. Some prick immediately re-registered it and loaded it with my content, presumably scraped from the site before the domain lapsed. I only noticed this a year later.

At that time I paid a lawyer to write a letter and the site was taken down. A couple of years later I checked and it was back up. That time I went through the DMCA takedown process of the hosting service they were using, and it was taken down again.

Just for fun yesterday I checked again and a sadly truncated scrap of the old site is back up under the old domain name. They’ve dropped the screenplays and ebooks, keeping only a couple of pages and two old, short essays. The only change to my original content is a link to an advertising consultancy.

So I did some research on DMCA takedown notices. I would really like to make these sleazeballs pay but that probably isn’t in the cards.

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