3.231 drive, theater

Sunday 07/31/2022

Slept in, as much as I ever do, until 7. After reading the paper and watering the plants I took my computer and the crossword puzzle and drove to Midtown. Had an omelet for breakfast sitting outside.

Went back home, finalized and sent the letter to Rhonda urging resident input on the hiring of a new IT director. Then since I had a clean car with a full tank of gas, I went for a drive. I looked around for anybody to accompany me but the halls were empty. Too many of my neighbors go to church or visit family on Sunday mornings.

Did some work on the Studebaker. Finalized the engine assembly and the dashboard.

Note shiny nuts on valve covers and authentic fuel filter
Note V8 and Studebaker picked out in gold…
The dash isn’t red, it’s chrome, this one is reflecting red upholstery

At 6:30 I met Patty in the lobby and we got in the car of her friend Pat, and rode the less than a mile to the Lucy Stern center to see Nan and the Lower Body. That is a play about the work of Dr. Papanicolaou, inventor of the Pap smear, and a woman who worked with him, and their respective spouses. It was fairly strong and certainly well-produced and acted. I was commenting on the way back that I don’t like having my emotions played with by a plot and resist it.

Anyway that was the third night out in a row, although this one is ending at my normal bedtime.

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