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Wednesday 06/29/2022

I did not go for a walk this morning because I needed to do laundry. Ordinarily I’d have started a load and gone for the walk, but our washer has been intermittently acting up and I felt the need to stay close to it. So I supervised the laundry from a nearby chair. That took until 11 because for once I ran three loads. The third was my bathrobe and a floor mat from the bathroom. I’ve been wearing the bathrobe for a couple of hours every morning for three-plus years, so I thought I’d wash whether it needed it or not. <jk>

Then, quickly make a sandwich for lunch and drive off to FOPAL. I needed to be back for a haircut at 2:30. And buy some groceries first. So I had to leave there at 1:30 which meant I was not able to finish all the accumulated books. I’ll have to go back, maybe Friday.

So at 2:30 Leah, the house beauty person, cut my hair. Then down to the Auditorium to meet Bert and watch as he experimented using his big fast new Windows laptop with the Dell Dock. As soon as he connected the USB cable, the laptop immediately recognized the Dell Monitor attached to the Dock and made it an external monitor. That’s what the MacBooks will not do. So he worked through what he needed to do, to show slides for an event. He will shadow David M. for a presentation tonight and he will know what is going on.

After supper I went down and watched the setup for the presentation, and some of the presentation.

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