3.204 docent, fopal

Friday 06/24/2022

I had a commitment to a docent tour at noon, and decided to give myself a lazy morning before. So I hung around fiddling with this and that, including scheduling a meeting of the A/V committee, until 11. Then off to the Museum to lead a small group. It started at 10, but was only 6 at the end.

After the tour at 1pm I drove up Middlefield to FOPAL. Ate some lunch in the parking lot, then went in and processed another 3 boxes of computer books. Despite having done 7 in the last two days there are still 12 left.

About 4pm I decided that I wanted to eat at Casa Lupe on Castro street. I called Patty to see if she wanted to go, and she answered but told me sorry, I’m in Ashland just now. So I went by myself. This turned into a little adventure when I found (as I should have known, actually) that Castro street is closed at Alma street. Like every restaurant district around it converted to street eating and parklets two years ago. But if you are going South on Alma, and can’t turn onto Castro, your next opportunity to turn right is a couple of miles on, at Mary avenue. But from there you can come back along Evelyn, and turn into the parking areas near Castro. Which were almost all full; the street was jumping. However I parked quite close to the back door of the restaurant and had a very satisfactory plate of Chile Verde.

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