3.196 old pics, lunch

Thursday 06/16/2022

A lightly-scheduled day, yay. I had several hours free and wasn’t sure what to do, other than to start gluing the t-bird windshield into its frame. Then I was reminded by a conversation in the elevator, that there is a TGIF party tomorrow, and as a gimmick the organizers are urging everyone to bring a wedding picture to show. Do I have any wedding pictures? I was pretty sure I did, I could mentally picture one in particular, but when I checked the digital archive of scanned pictures, I couldn’t find it.

Well, ok, I have two bankers boxes of memorabilia preserved from the old house. I pull them out and look. Aha, there is an album. Probably prepared for us by my mother — it looks like her work. Big photo album with thick paper pages. Definitely not archival quality, the pages are already brown and brittle. Well, “already”? It has been almost exactly 50 years since December 1972. The snapshots that were carefully archived in it have suffered a bit from their environment, showing some fading. However, there is the one that I remembered.

There was another very nice shot that I do not remember. Somebody at our reception was shooting black and white. (Possibly the Snows?)

Anyway, I got all these pics scanned. It was easy to restore the faded color of the snapshots. I put the actual pics in a baggy and put them back in the memorabilia box.

And now it was nearly noon. Right on the dot of noon, Scott rolled up in his BMW and we were off to Oakland to have lunch with Tom. Nice lunch talking about old times. We came back the scenic route, through the City and down 280. And that was the day.

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