3.190 tech, theater

Friday 06/10/2022

Another day with no requirements. I went for the walk in the morning. I promised myself I could stop at the Verve coffee shop at the end. Unfortunately when I got there, the line was about 20 people long. I didn’t feel like waiting. Oddly there are no other coffee shops near my route. Well, there is the University avenue Starbucks, but it is a really unpleasant place, dark and literally sticky-looking. Maybe one other; anyway I just walked on home.

Neighbor Florrie asked for advice about some iPhone/mac issues. I helped her and asked her to please keep the fact on the QT. I really don’t want any more people who think of me as their personal Mac consultant.

I was scheduled to see Steel Magnolias at the Bus Barn theater at 8pm. At 7:30 I remembered this, and had to hustle. Fortunately I hit a lot of green lights on Alma and got there in plenty of time. This production was good enough that I stayed past intermission to see the end. The cast acted their butts off and several were really good. The script helps, lots of gags, as well as a tear-jerker ending.

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