3.188 docent

Wednesday 06/08/2022

Went for The Walk in the morning, felt ok. Started early which was a mistake in a way. Returning, I thought, oh, I’ll stop by CVS and pick up the prescription they told me about days ago. But of course CVS pharmacy window doesn’t open until nine, and I was there at 8:40 and didn’t feel like waiting. So… tomorrow. Probably.

Printed a couple of pictures for the picture gallery in the hall.

At 1pm I drove to the Museum. I was to lead a group from Yotascale at 2:30. This worked out well, my usual tour led them perfectly to the door of the 1401 lab just in time for a 1401 demo. They got to punch their names in cards and see them printed out on the 1403, etc.

Dinner with the Allens and Grace.

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