3.122 ACPT, CHM, tech

Sunday 04/03/2022

In the morning I did the big NYT puzzle first to warm up my brain. Then I did the 7th and last puzzle from the Tournament. This one I just buzzed through in what should be a good time. In the current standings I’m at #203 or 250 or so. Similar back-of-the-pack to last year.

Then it was off to the Computer History Museum to lead a docent tour. Big crowd, at least 30 people at the start, and still over 20 at the end.

Later in the day I worked with Joanne, the incoming Treasurer, to transfer the checkbook and file of papers to her. I have been using a nice spreadsheet as my cash journal. Unfortunately it is in Numbers, the Mac OS spreadsheet, and she uses an old HP laptop running Windows. So I had Numbers export the file to supposedly compatible .xls format. Unfortunately, her version of Excel won’t open it, claims it is incompatible or something.

I sent the converted .xls to Peter who has Excel on his Macbook. He was able to open it fine. So I had him do a save-as to make a new .xls file written by a version of Excel. And sent that to Joanne to try. Maybe an Excel file written by Excel will be acceptable.

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