3.117 tidy up, meetings

Tuesday 03/29/2022

This morning my goal was to shrink my email inbox. I don’t normally keep emails in my inbox, unless they represent something I need to do or follow-up on. So that list of things has gotten bulky and I swore to clean it up. Which I did over an hour or two, got the number of saved emails down by half. The remaining ones need somebody else to do something.

Then it was time for the writers group. I took half an hour before to write something, copying and pasting from an early blog entry.

At three it was time for the A/V group to meet. We had two things to discuss. First, we had to distribute the 5-6 events for April. I ended up with the Colby Memorial which has the virtue of coming up quick, this week, then I’ll be off for the rest of the month. Then we had to talk about the resident-only zoom account mentioned earlier. How to manage it, if we have to have one? The group sentiment was to share the ID and password among the 5 of us who can do zoom events. I would have preferred a single “zoom czar” but was overruled.

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