3.115 walking, reading, SWBB

Sunday 03/27/2022

Another day to (mostly) kill. About 9am I walked downtown to try out a new coffee shop, then back to the hotel. Reading, napping. Oh, checking in for my flight tomorrow. I have my boarding pass in email, in my Apple Wallet, and printed on real paper.

Finally it was time to meet Harriet at her hotel, the Doubletree. That meant another mile of walking. Phone says 2.4 miles total, which is b.s., had to be over 3. Anyway, Harriet had arranged to meet up with Cade and Lane, two women who live in Moscow ID, and who have been fans of Tara since she started her head coaching career at the U of Idaho. They had driven in to see the game. They picked us up at the hotel and we went to a nice restaurant, ClinkerDagger, near the arena. Decent meal.

Then into the arena for the game. Harriet and I sat in a long row of vacant seats in the lower bowl but early into the start of play, we got bounced, but were able to settle into another long row of empty seats a little higher up.

Texas and Stanford are both know for tough defense, allowing about 52 points to opponents on average, each. So the final score was Stanford 59, Texas 50: both the defenses were good but Stanford’s was just that bit better. So, a successful trip. The team is on to the Final IV.

Tomorrow morning early I head home, hopefully back to CH in time for lunch (not likely).

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