3.108 easy Sunday, SWBB

Sunday 03/20/2022

I kind of messed around doing my usual Sunday things, watering plants, big crossword, and so on. At some point I took a mile walk. I had planned to attend a zoom meeting, which I thought was at 3pm but when I checked in at 3, it was just over.

So, at 5pm it was time to meet my carpool and head for Maples for the second round of the NCAAs, Stanford vs. Kansas State. K State played tough the first half, and the game was tied 30 seconds into the second half. Then Stanford exploded, outscoring Kansas in the third quarter 32-15 and taking the game over. A few minutes into the 4th Stanford was ahead by 40 and Tara sent in subs. This was sparked by Lexie Hull who had a 36-point day and got a standing-O when she left the floor.

So, tomorrow I can call the ticket office and get seats for Spokane. My flight is on Thursday afternoon.

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