3.100 docent, memorial

Saturday 03/12/2022

The main activity today was to lead a tour group at the museum. This was a custom tour, 20 college students from the Silicon Valley Innovation Center or some such. This was a failure, as a tour. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t hold their attention, and at least 3/4 of them had drifted away by the end. I picked up a few ordinary visitors along the way so ended up with 8 or 10 people but it was not a success. I really don’t know what went wrong.

At 3pm it was time for a memorial meeting here. This was unusual; rarely are people who die here also memorialized here. In this case, Vergenia (yes, so spelled) Partington had lived more than a decade here, and died at age 104. Her daughter Karen and son-in-law David M. are also residents, overlapping the mother’s last 5 years or so! Vergenia was apparently well-known here, although I never met her; she was living in the Lee Center before I moved in.

Anyway, David M. and Karen had been working for weeks on preparing multiple videos documenting her life, with lots of pictures, and interviews with her six (!) sisters and her children and grandchildren. David M. has been working extremely hard lately to master all the ins and outs of a zoom simulcast. On his behalf I am glad this is over for him and came off well.

I attended the first half in the auditorium. I learned that the Partington family with its 7 daughters started in poverty, the father a gardener on an estate in Chautauqua NY, and they ended up putting all 7 through college, 3 teachers and 4 nurses I think it came to.

There was an intermission and I went back to my room and joined the zoom side of it just to see how it worked out. There were only 19 zoom attendees, maybe only half from Channing House, while there were at least 50, probably more, in the auditorium. Then there was a reception with some really tasty snacks from our kitchen and wine. I bet Karen and David paid a good price for that support.

Anyway, hybrid zoom worked, all their videos seemed ok, so, good on them.

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