3.097 laundry, tech, meetings

Wednesday 03/09/2022

Today being laundry day, and me holding the 10am-2pm laundry slots, I took only a short walk in order to back in good time to start the laundry. With the first load drying and the second load started, I went down to get some lunch.

There I was accosted by David G, who wanted my help at 1pm, rehearsing the setup for multi-casting a live and zoom meeting, the Resident Association meeting of next monday. It was already 12, and I didn’t see any open seats in the dining room and didn’t want to wait for service, so I went back to my room and had a Plan B, namely a lovely PBJ.

At 1pm I joined David and helped him set things up and try them out. The final setup is,

  • The ceiling-mounted camera looking at the lectern where Carol, our President, will run the meeting.
  • A second laptop that shows the agenda, a two-page powerpoint.
  • A webcam on a tripod facing the audience.

David starts the Zoom meeting on his laptop. He takes his video from the ceiling camera, and “spotlights” it, so what zoom attendees see, is the lectern and Carol in the middle of the screen.

From the second laptop he joins the meeting, and its video is the agenda page, which he also spotlights, the now zoom attendees see the lectern on one side and the agenda on the other.

His laptop’s screen output goes into the system to the projector on the ceiling, which shines on a big screen at the back of the stage, so people in the auditorium can see the zoom screen, mainly they can see the agenda points..

At the end of the meeting when the last agenda item is “open discussion” the second laptop replaces the agenda with the webcam, so the zoom attendees see the lectern and a wide view of the physical audience.

I had to leave him at 1:50 because I had the RA executive committee meeting at 2. This is my last exec committee meeting, as I will be termed-out as treasurer effective next week. There wasn’t a lot of news although there was a lot of discussion.

Now I got an hour break, and then it was time for the 6th floor meeting at 4:45. No big issues there either, but we had good attendance for once, only a couple of people not there. My 6th floor neighbors are a nice bunch of people.

Had supper with Carolyn, Edie, and Patty. Carolyn has just sold her house. She didn’t say for how much, but they had a number of bids. I know it was a large house only a few blocks from Channing House, so I imagine she got at least 2.5 million. She wasn’t broke to begin with, either.

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