3.082 tech, a/v, meeting, coffee

Tuesday 02/22/2022 (TWOSday)

Went down to the gym first thing.

At 10am I had a Tech Squad date with Sandy to investigate a problem with her TV. The sound drops out at intervals, and she has to power cycle the TV to get it back. Except she is using her Comcast remote to do that, which also power-cycles the Comcast box. So which one to blame? I couldn’t resolve that. She will take pains to power cycle specifically one or the other next time it happens.

At 10:45 the writers meeting started. This was an important one, where the group was to decide how to organize given that its founder and longtime leader, Connie, wants to step back from leading weekly meetings.

Unfortunately I also had a date to meet a person from the IT staff in the auditorium to further investigate the problem with the audio mixing console. I signed into the writer’s meeting on my phone for a few minutes around 10:50. Then Gerald of IT came in and we fussed around with the system for half an hour. Gerald took it on himself to try to contact the vendor.

So I joined the meeting around 11:30. I carefully didn’t volunteer for anything as I’m feeling a bit over-committed these days, with CHM coming back.

Had a pleasant lunch with three neighbors, the first time in many weeks I’ve actually sat at a table in the dining room and conversed with people.

After a nap I decided to get the coffee I forgot to restock when I was at FOPAL yesterday, when I could have stopped at Peet’s right then. There is a nearby Peet’s at Town and Country, less than a mile away, so I walked there, bought coffee, walked back. Exciting times.

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