3.053 fopal, work

Monday 01/24/2022

I decided to FOPAL work first thing today, so no walk, but was at work at 9:15. Where I found 13 boxes of books. I spent 3:15 clearing them out, and barely got back to CH to pick up my lunch, which fortunately I’d booked for 1pm.

In the afternoon I revised my requirement statement for new mics on the 11th floor, making it a lot less formal and simpler. Then as only one person had signed up for the tray job from 6-7, I went down and worked that shift to help the one lone volunteer. It’s a fun and not at all difficult or pressured job.

Looking forward to Wednesday, when there’s a 6-hour meeting physically at the CHM. However that’s also my usual laundry day, so I rescheduled laundry for tomorrow.

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