3.050 docent, swbb

Friday 01/21/2022

Started the day with the usual MWF walk. Taking pains to notice any unusual feelings or fatigue, but nope. Normal. Normal is good.

After lunch I again talked through my docent pitch, and then signed up for the first docent round that will happen, if it happens, since two years ago. February 2nd, lead a party of 20 from the Danish Embassy! The Museum won’t officially open for visitors until that weekend, the 5th. If it does! Everything is iffy in plague times.

Did some work on the VW model. At 7pm, watched SWBB in the first of two games against Cal. Cal has improved a lot since last year, when both games were blowouts. This time the Bears played Stanford close. The game was tied at the half. Then Stanford exploded in the third quarter, outscoring Cal by 20, and the game finished with Stanford up 20. A Cal freshman, Curry, had 30 points.

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