3.035 working

Thursday 01/06/2022

I did my resistance exercises first thing. Then I sat down and created a signup sheet for the new volunteer job, Dispensing Trays. That’s what it amounts to. The kitchen staff wheel out carts loaded with trays. Each tray has a room number visible on a ticket. People order their meals by phone or online, and they specify what time they expect to pick up, say 11:45am for lunch, or 12:30 or whatever.

The trays come of the kitchen in very approximate order of their requested pickup time. Not organized by floor or name. People trickle in to the foyer of the dining room and the volunteers ask their room number, then go look for that tray on the carts. It may be there, it may not. In the latter case, you make small talk until it shows.

So I set up a sign-up sheet for one-hour slots (11-12, 12-1, 5-6, 6-7) and put it out on the CHBB list. People signed up. But I still feel the need to show up at least some of the time every meal to make sure things are running smoothly. Today and tomorrow there is at least one, often two, staff servers. The big test will be Saturday and Sunday, when there will be just one and that one may be doing desk work in the back. Issues arise that need professional help, people say, “I didn’t order this” or “Where’s my salad” or “could you please get me a vanilla ice cream also?” The volunteers can’t handle such requests. We’ll see.

While Wanda was cleaning my unit I napped in the lounge. Then back down to monitor things in the dinner hours.

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