3.025 fopal, tech

Monday 12/27/2021

This morning I went straight to FOPAL at 9am, no walk, shame on me. I finished renewing the shelf labels and process the single box of books that was waiting.

I had a restless night, thinking about the various problems with the A/V equipment around here. This job is turning into a very demanding gig. What with stuff that doesn’t work, stuff that goes missing, and hopeful but unrealistic requests from event planners, and a complete lack of staff communication, I’m feeling a lot of stress. Anyway I went on a tour of inspection, checking out the stuff used for the 11th floor and for the lobby, and finding missing and not-working things. Anyway I am resolved that I am not going to hold this job for more than a year. This time next year I’ll be a committee member but not the chair.

Tomorrow I am holding a meeting of the AV committee, mainly to dole out different events to members, and also to talk about some of these equipment problems. The next event in time is the New Years Eve party, on the 11th floor Friday evening. The committee has some capable members but the most capable are, unsurprisingly, the ones who are also already loaded up with other volunteer activities.

This place runs on volunteer work. OK, seriously, the real stuff like housekeeping, food service, back-office, and building maintenance, yeah, there is highly capable paid staff to do. But there is a whole suite of what in high school would have been called extra-curricular activities, that wouldn’t happen without volunteers. So, whinge whinge.

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