3.015 stuff, concert

Friday 12/17/2021

Nominally an open day, nothing on the calendar before a 7pm concert. Still, I was busy with little things, sending emails to various people and reading online and such. One thing was to get and print and really study the manual for the video recorder that the contractors installed in the auditorium. But I couldn’t get into the auditorium to play with it today.

Left at 5 to have a burger and shake at Gott’s, and then to the concert. Voices of Music, classical stuff, in the First Congregational Church, one I’d never been in. My goodness they must have a half a block of land, some parking lot but the rest modern buildings of all sorts, classrooms and a giant sanctuary with a snazzy organ about 50 feet high.

Unfortunately I found the music really boring and I left at the interval. One problem was that somehow I had gotten shivery-cold (could it be a large chocolate shake, ya think?) anyway just couldn’t get comfortable and the music did not distract. Home and early to bed under my poofy duvet.

About 4:30 pm I happened to glance out my window to the east and saw:

I wish I had noticed it about 10 minutes earlier with the moon not so high.

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