2.302 laundry, meeting

Wednesday 10/06/2021

Went for the standard walk. Messed about reading. Sorted my laundry and right after lunch, started it.

At 2pm I went up to the 8th floor for the RA executive committee meeting. Nothing very shocking today. Rhonda mentioned that the second floor work is ahead of schedule and everyone from there will be back in their apartments by the end of October. I think that means the whole huge years-long upgrade project will be over by November. This will surely be a huge relief for all the staff and the Board, and for the residents generally. There’ll be a major party I’m sure.

Two shipments came in: two pairs of trousers from Lands End, and the pair of Pikolinos shoes that I believe I mentioned a few days ago. The shoes were correct, identical to the pair I already have. I was a little surprised at how they fit. Three years of wear stretch the leather. But I’m wearing the new ones now and they are just right.

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