2.296 Cleaning the museum

Thursday 09/20/2021

Did AJ’s aerobics class. For the second time this week, and for the second time in a row, I was the only attendee, on the 11th floor or by zoom. Just AJ leading and me trying to do the same things at the same speed.

Afterward, straight down to the computer history museum, the actual museum, not either of the east bay locations. Today the regular volunteer crew was doing cleaning. There is a regular janitorial service but they only dust the plastic cases and don’t touch the artifacts.

The cleaning was not because they had scheduled a re-opening. They were going to reopen on Sept. 1 and backed away from that when the County got strict again. Now the management don’t say or predict (“Not a whisper” said Aurora the curator), but they have promised the staff 30 days notice of it. Aurora guesses it won’t happen until they can reopen with few restrictions to enforce (vaccine proof but no masks, maybe?).

Anyway, I got assigned to plexiglass cleaning. Many many exhibits have objects in plexiglass boxes. I had a spray bottle of plastic cleaner and microfiber towels, and worked my way around the winding path of the “Revolution” exhibit space, along with Toni, wiping and wiping. Couple hours of this before lunch, another couple after lunch. There was also some tall sheets of glass.

Here’s Dave Bennett (aka “the other Dave” on our team) dusting a robot.

Having my nose rubbed in it, so to speak, alerted me once again to how well designed that exhibit space is. There are just tons of things in there and all well displayed and explained. I also discovered two things about the place I hadn’t even known, despite hanging out there for years. One, there is a whole alcove of stuff about computer music generation that I’d never seen. Two, there are men’s and women’s bathrooms half-way around and I never knew that!

At supper I shared a table with Mickie, Gloria, Jan and Robyn. Robyn talked about trying to sell her car. It’s a 2001 Toyota Avalon, 100K miles but basically clean. She is asking $3000 but I did a quick look online and similar cars are going at up to $4500. I told her she should ask 4K and settle for nothing under 3500, but she wasn’t interested. Anyway, my main point is why she is selling. Which is because her license expires in November. And at age 95, she doesn’t feel like renewing it! Robyn actually doesn’t look 95. I’m not that good at ages but I might have guessed 80 maybe. But there you are.

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