2.283 tech, meeting

Friday 09/17/2021

Went for the standard walk. Then diddled around not doing much until lunch. After lunch I met with Pam, who presents movies via zoom. She wasn’t sure her new Macbook Air would support the old Superdrive (USB DVD player) as it doesn’t plug into the USB-C port on the Air. I was pretty sure it would, and brought along a cheap adapter. Yup, it did. So that’s resolved.

She doesn’t want to show movies in the auditorium, though. Too much stress getting everything set up right. So she is looking to recruit someone else to do that, and I’ll train them.

At 4pm it was time for Rhonda’s Covid Q&A meeting. We had one breakthrough case two weeks ago. (Apparently I didn’t write about this.) After contact tracing it turned out that half a dozen people had had “extensive” contact with that person, meaning at least 15 minutes with masks off. At dinner, in fact. So all those people got ten days of quarantine. Two of them were Craig and Diane Allen.

Rhonda was happy to report there have been no further cases. She is going to travel to Colorado to attend a wedding, and she described her decision process, whether to go risking Covid, or not go and offend a “dear friend”. She will go; and on return will work from home for ten days while testing.

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