2.281 little stuff

Wednesday 09/15/2021

Since I did a walk yesterday, what exercise shall I do today? Neighbor Jerry had suggested that to keep back pain from returning, use the two machines in the gym that work one’s core. There’s one for abdominals, which is basically a situp against variable pressure, and one specifically for lower back, which is the opposite: you lean on a pad and force it backward, like leaning back in an office chair.

So I thought I would do that, and did about a dozen reps of each and started feeling it, so stopped. But I will return. Then I thought I’d ride the Cyber Cycle which I’ve done before, but it was inop. There was nobody around to help with it so I went outside and for a moderate walk.

Took care of a few minor chores. After lunch I went out on the balcony and started ripping up and re-doing the STIP project for an hour. The temperature on my balcony was 68, I had to go get a sweater.

For lunch I had a Channing House burger and fries which felt like a big meal, so decided to go out for supper. Driving down Middlefield I noted that Mike’s Cafe was open again for supper, so on impulse I went in there for a beer and a plate of pasta. It was really good. Actually the best part was their dinner rolls, which have a salt glaze, and I could dip them in olive oil. I haven’t dipped bread in oil in a long time.

My neighbor Carolyn who lives in 721, just above me, emailed earlier to say she was going away for ten days. It turns out she has been feeding hummingbirds also. She wanted to warn me that her three feeders would be out of action and I should expect more buzzers. Yeah. At several points today I had six birds on each feeder. The feeders only have 5 holes, but two birds were actually standing side by side on one of the little perches, taking turns at sticking their beaks in the one hole. Potentially I guess I could have ten at a feeder.

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